Performers on stage at 2010 Edmonton Folk Music Festival

EFMF 2010

March Music & the School of Song are a team of industry professionals with a passion for creating unshakable community among Alberta songwriters by providing peer-led mentorship, coaching and workshops, and career enhancing performance opportunities.

March Music Inc

Some of our performers showcased at the Shell Theatre in Fort Saskatchewan

Showcase at Shell Theatre

MMi provides artists to venues and festivals throughout the province. Our reputation for consistently providing outstanding entertainers has allowed us to program some of Alberta’s most prestigious stages. Our artists are well versed in audience engagement, venue etiquette, and the art of live performance.

The School of Song

Mentorship: Songwriting Circle

Mentorship: Songwriting Circle

The School of Song focuses on providing unique workshop and concert events to schools, post-secondary institutions, and community centres. We pair an established and an emerging artist to perform in concert and share individual approaches to songwriting, record, and touring. Sessions are interactive and designed to develop community amongst young songwriters by providing credible information crafted to enhance skills and confidence.

The crowd as seen from backstage at EFMF 2011, workshop

EFMF 2011 Workshop Stage